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Needs Assessment Report

The report describes the needs of children and youth and their families, who have complex support needs because of multiple and severe disabilities. A first part has some introductory texts on the history and evolution in concepts and practice of support. A second part relates the results of a survey in the 8 partner countries. A third part contains parents’ viewpoints.

Summaries in different languages:

FR: Qui sont-ils ? Évaluer les besoins des enfants qui ont besoin d’un accompagnement intensif et complexe.

BG: Кои са те? Оценяване на потребностите на децата с интензивни и комплексни нужди от подкрепа в осем европейски региона

PT: Quem são elas? Análise das necessidades de crianças com necessidades de apoio complexas e intensas em oito regiões europeias.

Article: Who are they? Assessing the needs of children with multiple disabilities in eight European regions.

This article summarizes the research about the needs of children with severe and multiple disabilities and their families. It reports the experience of 475 professionals and 166 parents in the 8 EU countries in terms of the profile of combined limitations and difficulties and the most frequent identified environmental barriers, Although there are wide differences in economic and other resources between the EU partner countries, the needs of families and professionals dealing with children with complex and intensive care needs are similar. Environmental barriers against full participation are high everywhere. This study provided the basic ideas to develop a common interprofessional/parent training.

Article: teachers perceptions about the training needs of professionals working with children and young people with complex and intense support needs