Enabling Quality of Life through meaningful learning . Common Core Training for people supporting children with complex and intensive support needs

This report describes the development by the Enablin+ project partnership of a “common core training course”, for all professionals dealing with children with multiple and severe disabilities , in 6 modules: (1) who are “they”, the children with complex and intensive support needs? (2) quality of life and support paradigm (3) design of a quality of life plan (4) basic attitudes and concepts regarding learning, development and inclusion ( (5) communication and dealing with challenging behaviour (6) daily life activitie and care. Describes content, scientific backgrounds, format, lesson plans scenario, suggested time-schedules, teachers, methods. The text exists in English, Dutch, French, Italian, Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, and Portuguese. The text has been incorporated in the book “Enabling activity and participation.

Videofragments of good practices in integration of support, care and education of children with complex and intensive support needs

Set of training videos to be used for teaching, about various relevant topics in care and support of children with complex and intensive support needs: about increasing quality of life, inclusive education projects, early intervention in an inclusive way, assistive communication technology, artistic inclusive activities, videoportfolio assessment. Videos from The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Réunion, Italy, Bulgaria and Portugal. The videos are all subtitled in English and are on a DVD which is part of the book “Enabling Activity and Participation.

Quality Of Life And Integration Of Care & Education

The policy document is the result of a committee which summarizes results of WP1, 2 and 3. It contains recommendations to policy makers in health, welfare and other relevant ministries. Children with serious and multiple disabilities are a special category because they need 100% support, often day and night. Passive caring for survival is just not enough. There are huge changes needed in current support systems, in order to make a more inclusive and active life possible, and thus comply to the UN Convention.

Translation in dutch: Kwaliteit van leven en integratie zorg en onderwijs bij kinderen met ernstig meervoudige beperkingen: beleidsaanbevelingen